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Read and sign urgent documents at your convenience from your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Cost Saving

No more paper printing, no more physical dispatching of documents, no more calls to remind bosses to sign, and no more filing cabinets.

Instilling Confidence

More secure than ink signatures on paper. Privacy, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation is achieved via Signing Cloud.

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What Can You Get From Using Signing Cloud?

Legally Binding Signatures

Your digital signature for legal documents complies with the Digital Signature Act 1997.

Digital Account Verification

Users can be easily on-boarded using secure and advanced identity verification.

Document Protection

Signed documents are protected by tamper-proof mechanisms to prevent any alteration.

Long Term Validation

The document signed remains valid for a long time, which means it can be validated anytime in the future.

Audit Trail

Every action on documents on Signing Cloud are traced via an audit trail. 

Signature Protection

Only authenticated users can execute digital signatures. This is achieved by a strong two factor authentication.

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