Something About SigningCloud

We’re on a mission to aid you in the digital transformation of your company. With SigningCloud, your office workflow is simplified from printing, signing & scanning, to just sign and send. Saving the cost of time, paper, and the effort that was a burden in getting a document to be signed. Using the advanced digital signature technology, all documents are recognized as legal as signing on paper with ink. As we know convenience is essential in today’s user experience, SigningCloud is available in most devices, allowing you to bring your work when you’re on-the-go.

Our Goal

Securemetric has held its position as Southeast Asia’s leading digital security solution company, and has set a goal for SigningCloud to be used across the region.

The Company Behind SigningCloud

Securemetric is certainly one of Southeast Asia’s leading regional players in the field of digital security with core focus into Software Licensing Protection (Software License DongleSoftware Protection Dongle), 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), Advanced Identity and Access Management, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI System) and Cryptography. Since incorporated in 2007, Securemetric has expanded strong local footprints with local establishment in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines. The brand name of Securemetric has been built with market respect in the area we hold strong domain expertise.