Frequently Asked Questions

SigningCloud is a cloud-based digital signing solution to replace your manual workflow of paper-based signing. It allows you to upload, send, sign, and keep track of your document.

Electronic signature and digital signature are often confused as the same thing. However, there’s a difference between them. Electronic signatures are easily understood as a digital version of handwritten signatures and it is used in all types of agreements.

As for digital signature, it gives higher security with encryption to signatures and authenticity to signer’s identity. It is often used in documents that are highly regulated.

SigningCloud helps you in work efficiency while maintaining its legality like handwritten signature:

  • Faster workflow: Get your documents signed in minutes and electronically.
  • Whenever, Wherever: Sign documents from different devices like your mobile phone, and from another city as long as you have access to the internet.
  • Legal and secured: Your documents are legally binding with SigningCloud’s 2-factor authentication before signing and timestamp.

SigningCloud is free for signups, and free users can sign 5 free internal documents every month. For more details, please refer to our pricing.