Signing Documents Has Never Been This Easy.

Security is Our Top Priority

Your account is protected with more than just passwords. Our two-factor authentication method gives an extra layer of security. Securemetric is a leading digital security player in Southeast Asia.

Reduce Manual Jobs and Save Cost

No more having to scan, photocopy or print documents. Prepare and upload your documents, sign it and send it away, all in just a few clicks.
No one needs to go around chasing after signatures from different departments, offices or client locations

Legal & Compliant

Signing Cloud fulfills the rules of Digital Signature Act 1997, whereby:

  • that digital signature is verified by reference to the public key listed in a valid certificate issued by a licensed certification authority;
  • that digital signature was affixed by the signer with the intention of signing the message;
  • and the recipient has no knowledge or notice that the signer has breached a duty as a subscriber; or does not rightfully hold the private key used to affix the digital signature.

API Supported

Integrate our Representational State Transfer (REST) API into your website or applications to get a seamless experience when preparing & signing documents. Our easy to integrate  API includes features such as:

  • Document uploading
  • Document signing
  • Signature Self Placement
  • 2 Factor Authentication to complete signing


Your private key is secured and protected with strong encryption using Hardware Security Module (HSM). Hence, ensuring high authenticity whereby signers cannot deny having authorized their signature.

Anytime, Anywhere

You can sign your documents anytime, and anywhere on any device. Download the Signing Cloud mobile app to perform signing wherever you go.


Signing Cloud provides a tamper-evident layer as a protection of document. It proves that the user’s signature is valid and the signed document has not been altered after it was downloaded. It will be evident if anyone amended the signed document.

Long-term Validation with Timestamp

Signing Cloud provides long-term validation and non-repudiation of the time and date the transaction took place, which is independently verified. These timestamps are compliant with the timestamp and revocation features described in Part 4 of ETSI 102 778 PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures (PAdES) standard.

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