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SigningCloud for Education Sectors

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Transform Your Teaching & Learning Processes

Trusted education, seamless teaching & smooth administrative processes

Speed Up Turnaround Time With Secure Paperless Solutions

A hassle-free approach to managing long-winded administrative processes, student forms, staff’s paperwork and more. As online learning becomes the new norm, the standards of education need not diminish

Issue Genuine Certs & Scrolls

Fear not about the myriad of fraudulent diplomas, degrees and certificates impersonating your institution’s name. With SigningCloud, rest assured that all educational certificates and scrolls that are digitally stamped, signed and issued can be verified as genuine and authentic thanks to the platform’s add on ‘eScroll’ module features. In addition, documents that are tampered-with after the signing process is complete on SigningCloud can easily be identified using any available common PDF viewing tools.

Hasten Administrative Processes

Reduce the strain on your administrative staff with a seamless alternative to traditional signatures. From managing educators to handling students’ offer letters to tuition fees to financial aid forms and more, SigningCloud is designed to make document processes for education sectors hassle-free, secure and less time consuming.

Enjoy Third Party Integrations

SigningCloud supports both Microsoft SharePoint and Alfresco’s electronic document management system (EDMS) to provide our wide user base with the option of performing legally-binding e-signatures within those EDMS. Students and educators can utilise this feature to send, share and request documents amongst each other without worrying about security breaches. In the near future, SigningCloud plans to integrate with more EDMS, thus enabling those in the education sectors to have access to a one-stop-platform for all their digital needs.

Who SigningCloud Can Help

Some of those who stand to reap the most benefits from SigningCloud


Reduce the already-heavy workload of students with effective e-solutions that are essential for their day-to-day tasks. Conveniently send reading material, test results confidential forms and other documents via SigningCloud, anytime, anywhere.


As online learning gradually progresses, students (and sometimes parents)’ reliance on digital processes have dramatically increased. Teachers, administrators and students can enjoy secure communication, innovative collaborations and quicker paper processes without the need for in-person interactions.

Enjoy UNLIMITED Signer & Document E-Signing

Send limitless number of documents for review and signing to as many signers as you wish! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Universal Signing Platform

An all-round universal platform that supports multiple eKYC and CA providers – allowing you to make your preferred selection without vendor lock-in – with more providers to be added in the future.

Highly Secure & Protected

Your documents and digital signatures are always protected thanks to maximum security measures such multi-layered encryption and firewalls, strong 2FA, KMS, anti-DDOS and Ransomware, a 24/7 SOC and much more.


SigningCloud automatically ‘locks’ a document after it’s signed and finalised, preventing anyone from making unauthorised modifications to it without being detected by any common PDF document viewing tool.

Digital Identity Verification

All users and signers for DSA-compliant documents will be verified as genuine on the platform with our trusted eKYC system that performs secure facial recognition and microprint authentication on users’ MyKad or passport.

Long-Term Validation

E-signatures are embedded with top-notch PKI technology to ensure long term validation and non-repudiation, adhering to the ETSI 102 778-1 PAdES standard.


Any e-signature on SigningCloud is valid and enforceable under the ECA 2006 and the DSA 1997 if the signature is verifiable by a valid digital certificate issued by a licensed CA in Malaysia.

Affordable & Versatile Packages

Specially curated business-centric packages for all sorts of organisations and enterprises – with the option to customise your very own plan to suit you and your team’s needs.

Transparent & Seamless

Traceable, trackable and fool proof – sign anytime, anywhere with almost any device with a secure audit trail.

Integrations That Speed & Ease Up Processes

We've partnered up with only the best systems to facilitate our user experience on SigningCloud

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

SigningCloud’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint enables users to auto-sync their signed documents in a shared drive powered by a SharePoint document library. Using SharePoint, users can send documents to SigningCloud from the document library to create a signing request.

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SigningCloud’s integration with Alfresco allows users to send documents to the SigningCloud platform from the document library to create a signing request. Users can auto-sync or manually-sync signed documents from SigningCloud to Alfresco.

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