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At SigningCloud, we make your digitisation processes quicker and smoother. Got a document you need to get signed? We’ve got you covered

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Learn how you can integrate SigningCloud with our industry-standard API


SigningCloud’s integration with Alfresco allows users to send documents to the SigningCloud platform from the document library to create a signing request. Users can auto-sync or manually-sync signed documents from SigningCloud to Alfresco.

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SigningCloud’s integration with the Joget platform ensures a seamless user experience (UX) for organisations and business owners to manage document signing requests in addition to the steps involved in in electronically-signing documents. This integration encompasses a major scope of the document preparation and signing flow of the signing process on SigningCloud.

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Microsoft SharePoint

SigningCloud’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint enables users to auto-sync their signed documents in a shared drive powered by a SharePoint document library. Using SharePoint, users can send documents to SigningCloud from the document library to create a signing request.

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SigningCloud’s integration with OneDrive enables users to manually-sync their signed documents to a personal drive, be it their own accounts or a company account.

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